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Genera CMS

Content management system which can be implemented for creating and maintaining even the most complex sites and portals. Built-in tools for content management enable use of this CMS even by the person without basic knowledge of text editing. You don’t have to be expert to use our CMS!

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Genera CMS

It was built based on GENERA CMS as tool for creating and sending web-based content on multiple e-mail lists.

  • Easy to create and send various HTML pages as e-mails
  • E-mail lists are created and managed on very simple way directly online
  • Application is suitable for every computer with internet connection

You don’t have to be an expert to use our CMS!

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Genera CMS

Latest product from our web application pallet for e-learning was initially developed for our world-wide famous client-OMV Serbia. Web application designed for them was intended for testing their employees and evaluating theirs results and success through longer period of time. Application provides generating of reports based on multi-crossed parameters as well as converting those reports to PDF format suitable for printing.

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