Outsourcing services


    Our Web Developers provide each client with highly professional web sites for their business and other needs.

    • PHP

    Our company provides mobile development solution services for platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Mobile


    Large quantity of solutions for custom software development:
    Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP, Application re-engineering and re-factoring


    Providing technical support via e-mail and live chat along with high Technical and Customer Service level, excellent quality and response time.


    We offer our clients ‘best practices’ technology solutions entirely fitting any custom requirements.

    • Windows, Linux
    • 24/7 service

    Highly trained QA specialists, well structured testing procedures and guidelines ensure fast, reliable and valid test results

Our clients

High-quallity and low-cost skill-sets

Outsourcing represents one of our most important services offered. NewTec Solutions offers a unique combination of high-quality and low-cost skill-sets as the Serbian workforce are widely regarded as strong business performance drivers.

Over 90% of our company’s income comes from services offered to clients in Denmark, England, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and the United States. We’ve been working with and offering our services to clients in those countries since 2008, thus making us very well versed in how companies are set up, structured and organized.

  • HOSTOPIA Ltd Canada
  • DELUXE United States
  • MEDISOFT Ltd United Kingdom
  • SIEMENS AG Germany
  • ATOS France
  • RISKPOINT United Kingdom


Serbia offers a unique combination of high-quality and low-cost skill-sets. The Serbian workforce are widely regarded as strong business performance drivers.
Eastern European countries still offer classical education in natural and technical sciences to its students. Broad knowledge and remarkable logic have been taught through higher education. This is key to the type of insurance outsourcing tasks that we provide for our clients.

Other adventages:

  • Cultural affinity – The people of Serbia have a strong understanding of the western culture, both on a personal and business level thus making written and verbal communication a much more enjoyable experience.
  • Strong math – the Serbian educational system is based on strong mathematical and logical background that Serbians gain throughout their schooling
  • English language- English language is mandatory through the Serbian schooling system for at least eight years.
  • Lower costs for educated and skilled reliable staff.
  • Good traffic connections - there are direct flights to most major European centers
  • We are close - we are within two and a half hours flying time from most of the major European centers (London 2h 30 mins, Berlin 1h 45 mins, Amsterdam 2h 45 mins)
The information you should pay attention:

  • Serbia is growing to be among the premier investment locations in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Main political parties, in power as well as the opposition, agree on foreign policies promising political stability. At present, we are a strong candidate for EU membership
  • Belgrade, the capital, has been awarded the City of the Future for Southern Europe in 2007 by FDI Magazine. The criteria: economic potential, cost effectiveness, human resources, IT and telecommunications, transport, quality of life and FDI promotion.
  • In 2011 foreign direct investments totaled USD 2.71bn, making Serbia the best performer in Southeast Europe


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