E-learning application

Latest product from our web application pallet for e-learning was being initially developed for our world-wide famous client-OMV Serbia. Web application designed for them was intended for testing their employees and evaluating theirs results and success through longer period of time. Application provides generating of reports based on multi-crossed parameters as well as converting those reports to PDF format suitable for printing.

This application consist several modules

  • module for creating questions and defining possible answers
  • module for creating tests
  • module for process of testing
  • module for notating the results and statistic tracking of successfulness of examinees.

Application is predict for work in multilingual environment and importing new languages is quick and simple.

At this moment we are working on module for creating courses and lessons and with finishing this module NewTec Solutions will have completed application for E-learning.

Full commercialization of this product was planed for second half of this year.


  • OMV


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