Genera CMS

Genera CMS

We developed an application - Content management system which can be implemented for creating and maintaining even the most complex sites and portals. It is done in LAMP technology (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP). Built tools for content managing enable using this CMS even by the person with no basic knowledge of text editing.


There are two types of CMS
- Basic CMS that you can download for FREE and do customization by yourself following basic CakePHP programming practice. It contains admin control panel, users login, send email component, news service, and much more basic services.
- Customised - contains basic CMS with all plugins developed specially for your purpose.

Detailed description

User-friendly interface
Our CMS is customized, not reversely. A lot of possibilities which CMS provides does not effect on its visibility and simplicity of using. Our CMS is growing and developing constantly, but that does not influence on client’s ability to work on it efficiently every day. Interface is intuitive, logical and easy to use.

Multi-purpose editing interface
for updating text, images. One of the greatest advantage is that our CMS is module for creating HTML pages (uploading taxt and images) in very simple way. Editor is visually oriented and it looks like every known tool for text and image editing. Generated code follows the latest internet standards.

No two customers are ever the same, or have identical goals. GENERA CMS is built so it can easy adopt to every clients needs. It is based on objective principle with modules that perfume specific functions. Based on conversation with client we will decide which modules (functions) of Genera are going to be import in concrete project.

Our modules (such as news with comments, bulletin, forums, polls and photo-galleries, for example) can be modified and implemented with any kind of combination and fulfill every client’s needs.

Optimisation for explorers - Search engine optimization
Every web page success in great mesure depends on its position on moste popular exploresrs. If you can’t be found on Google, than your site is like no exists! One of possibilities of Genera CMS is simple and quick import of new Meta tags in site description. In this way you can acclimatize to changes in surrounding.


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